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“Through the heart of South America”.

By Giulia Cassiani  An undiscovered jewel, Bolivia conceals an ancient history within the borders of its transcendent landscapes. Nature at its wildest, incredible geography, from dusty red mountains and prehistoric jungles to high altitude cities and solitary villages, a traditional and intense cultural experience, Bolivia is as breathtaking as it is seriously challenging. There is an […]

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The power of the powerless

By Magdalena Bauhofer On my bus ride to Villa Nueva, I can already see from far the little houses that make the community so special and unique. They are very similar and the highest have three floor ́s. Most of them are painted in different colors and seem as if they are not finished yet. The streets have garbage on the sides, and here and then there is some drunk men sleeping on a corner. Sometimes […]

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Spanish gets better, work gets easier

By Klara Kramer When I came to Sucre – Bolivia, I couldn’t speak Spanish at all… Or wait… I could say “Hola”, “Qué tal?” and the numbers from one to ten. So not really a good base to work in a school with children who sometimes can’t speak perfectly neither because of their age, or children who can’t understand that you speak another language than Spanish at home. […]