BROADER: the partners


Associazione InCo – Interculturalità & Comunicazione is in charge of the international mobility in Trentino South-Tyrol. Its main activities are international mobility projects for youngsters – Youth Exchanges, Au Pair, Mid-Term Volunteering, European Voluntary Service, Internationaler Jugendfrewilligendienst…you name it!


Azienda Speciale Servizi Infanzia e Famiglia – G.B. Chimelli (ASIF CHIMELLI) is a public body that manage all social services as to local population. Regarding children Asif Chimelli manages 3 crèches and 3 preschools; as to youngster from 11 to 30 years old, it manages youth policies for the municipality also thanks to a youth center; it also has an additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, economic obstacles, cultural differences or similar.


Associazione La Strada/Der Weg is an Italian organization active in diverse social sectors. It helps children, youth and adults who face difficulties in life (drug addiction, psychological disorder, …) in order to offer the same opportunity for everybody.



Fundación SES (Sustentabilidad, Educación y Solidaridad) is a social organization that promote and develope different strategies that strive for the inclusion of teenagers and youngsters with fewer opportunities. They encourage and support Sustainable Social and Educational Development processes at the local level. They work in close cooperation with Subir al Sur.



Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube is a platform for cultural exchange and should give the possibility to communicate about different topics of interest, knowledge and know-how. Their purpose is to mix groups of interests, genres and different ages to participate in events like workshops, concerts, theatre, exhibitions, lectures, etc.


InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol is a youth information centre for young people and NGO in realising their youth projects and activities, sends EVS volunteers and supports mobility and intercultural learning of young people.



Voluntarios Internacionales México A.C. (VIMEX) is an independent, non-religious, non- governmental and non-profit organization. It organizes International work camps in Mexico, it accepts incoming volunteers (including EVS volunteers) in its projects and it sends Mexican people outside Mexico. Vimex encourages Mexican and foreigners to cooperate together to exchange different way of thinking what builds tolerance and international dialoque.



KERIC is a non-profit non-governmental organisation working with children, youth and adults in the region of north Slovakia, Kysuce. Their mission is to help people from the region becoming more open and tolerant towards other cultures and people of different cultural background. One of our activities is support work and guidance to unemployed young people and young people facing social or economic difficulties.