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Ten month away… too long?

When I started this Volunteer-Project, 10 month seemed so long. Ten month not seeing my family, ten month not spending time with my friends, ten month not being home, ten month not eating Belgian food, but ten month living in another culture, ten month speaking a new language and a lot more. Then I had to tell me that they will pass very fast, perhaps faster than I would like to.

At the beginning it seemed endless. I made a calendar to cross every day that I passed (and at the end I had three of them). Of course one reason was to see how many days I had to wait until seeing my family and friends again. But I wasn’t really sad watching all the empty month and days. Even if it seemed endless, I was happy to see all the time that I had to go and see all the beautiful places in Bolivia, to have all this time to meet people, to get used to the culture and the life in a country that is so different than mine.

When I look now at my calendar, there are just two month and some days left, until I will start my way back home. This makes me feel in two different ways.

In one way, I can’t wait anymore to go back home, to see all the people again that I love and miss so much! I have never been away from home so long (and so far!), and even if I already knew that my family and friends are the most important people in my live, I learned it even more in my time here. And it’s not like crying all day long to go back home because you miss somebody. It’s more that you live moments, moments that you were used to spend with special persons, and now you have to do it alone, or with others, new persons (Christmas, Birthdays…). And even if it can be really nice (and in my case I had wonderful days here), it’s not the same if the most important people aren’t with you.

But in the other way, the time now is passing to fast. And it’s not because I think that I didn’t saw all the nice places that you can see in this country, or that I think that I missed something. Not at all. I really like my life here, I feel good and I feel home. I enjoy every moment, either if I’m seeing or visiting something new or not doing anything. And if I think now, that I have to prepare my luggage in two month, that I have to leave the house at the end of July, the house where I lived for all that time. That I’m starting the last weeks of working in the school, with the children that I love more and more, that I have to start thinking about saying goodbye to people that I will (perhaps) never see again in my life. And I think that this last point will be the hardest one. All this makes me feel nervous and also afraid.

Now I can say that ten month isn’t too long at all. You need some time to get used to your new life, and only after it you can enjoy it. So for me having this ten month is the perfect time.

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